Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Out of my League

 For all you women crossfitters out there, does this ring true for you?! 
Pretty lace bras are over-rated.
Shout-out to all you girls who would rather spend $40 on a Nike sports bra versus a Victoria Secret bra!
And although men may think otherwise, a girl can never have too many sports I right?!

Enough about bras..
(sorry for any men who may be reading this)
The Crossfit Games have begun!! 
I was bummed thinking I wouldn't be able to watch it because I only have local tv stations...
then I discovered they have live coverage on the Crossfit Games website!
Wahoo! Except I'm not getting any housework done because I'm too busy watching the games. 
Oh well! 

I am beyond impressed by the athletes I have seen.
They are out of my league!
Today I was watching the 55-59 age division do their 
My mouth was down to my chin as I watched these powerful women and men complete their workout.
They made it look so easy..& might I add, they look GOOD!! 
I could tell they were older but I didn't know they were quite that old! 
(And I mean that as a compliment!)
They are amazing.
They are fitter than I am and 3 times my age!
I am quite impressed and inspired by such athletes.

Aside from the games, I've been thinking about some things I need to get better at. 
It seems as a beginner in crossfit, I have too many goals to count. 
It can sometimes be overwhelming because sometimes it seem the things I can't do (yet!) out number the things I can do.
Things like pullups, handstand pushups, pistol squats (left leg), muscle ups, etc. 
You know what I mean, right?

I'm trying to take my goals in baby-steps. 
Right now I've been focusing on getting those pistol squats. 
I'm half way! Once I complete one on my left leg, I'll move on to a new goal.
Along with my goals, I have a few things I also want to get better at. 
There are three of them.

#1. Drink More Water

I need to get better at drinking more water. 
Don't get me wrong, I don't drink soda or anything bad. I just need to drink MORE.
It is SO important to drink plenty of water and I'm not always the best at drinking enough.

#2. Stretch

My muscles can get so tight and my flexibility quite poor.
I need to set time aside in the evenings to stretch my achy muscles and work on my flexibility. 

#3. Time & Record

I wish I had been keeping track of my workout times and weight I've been lifting.
I want to get a little notebook specifically for my crossfit workouts so I can record everything.
I'm going to begin timing my workouts as well writing down the amount of weights I lift. 
I should have been doing it all along! It would help me see if or how much I have improved.
I'm excited to begin recording everything so I can see my progress on paper!
It reminds me that I am my own competitor.
 I don't need to beat anyone's time except for my own previous time.

For the next month, I'm going to really focus on these 3 areas.
 Feel free to join me if you need a boost in these areas as well.
If you think you are already great at drinking a lot of water, stretching plenty, and recording...

What other areas do you have to work on?? 


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  1. Hey, Whit! Are you still crossfitting at home? I am SOOOO eager to do this, but I just cannot afford to create an additional monthly expense. So, I decided to Google "crossfit at home" and here you are. Please get in touch with me...I'd love the communication and advice. I'm not as self motivated as I aspire to be, therefore the discourse is encouraging. Thanks, Lisa