Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boom! A Pistol Squat

I am excited to share with you today the progress I have made in doing pistol squats!
Remember this past Motivate Me Monday post, I talked about how I am determined to get a one legged pistol squat?!
Well, I've been working on them all week and look what happened today...

 Needless to say, I'm quite proud of myself. 
I worked really hard to get this.

For now, I can only do it on my right leg. 
My right is much stronger than my left so it's going to take a little more work until I can fully complete the squat on my left. 
I can squat down left, but I have trouble lifting my body back up once I'm down.
But I'm working on it so I hope to get it soon!!

Have you been working on your pistol squat?
I'd love to hear how it's coming along or feel free to share a picture of your pistol squat! 
Message me a pic on my MommaCrossfitter facebook page!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! I'm still working on my left leg too!