Friday, July 26, 2013

Bad Good Great

I've told you before, I have good weeks and bad weeks. 
Last week wasn't a great week for me... 
But this week has been a GREAT week!
I've been committed to my workouts and stretching plenty.
I'm feeling good.
I'm eating good better.
Which hopefully means I'm looking better too!
I also told you I wanted to get better about logging my workouts..
I have gotten better about writing them down!
Now I just need to get better about where I write them..
I haven't been to the store to buy a notebook so I've been writing my workouts down on whatever is close by!
For instance, a napkin. 
 Obviously, I desperately need to write them on something other than a napkin..
So I found my husband's lesson notebook (he's a teacher if you didn't know)
He's never used it so I stole it from him.
It's not the most fancy thing but it beats a napkin!!  
And is it just me or has the week flown by?
Summer needs to stop going so fast!!
This week has been busier than most.
I've been helping my church with VBS in the evenings each night.
I also took my little one to the outdoor pool this week for the first time! He loved it!!
We have a cold front moving in so it's actually been enjoyable to take Ashton for a walk!
He get's really excited when I tell him we are going to go outside.
He always rushes over to the door and waits for me to put his shoes on him.
I'm so glad he is an outdoorsy little guy!

It's raining right now so hopefully I can get some actual housework done today!
(while I watch the Crossfit Games of course)

Are you rooting for anyone in particular in the games?


  1. The summer sure has gone by to quick! My kids start school soon and I will have to adjust to a new routine! I just started planning my workouts per week! It helps me if I just write them all down and during the week I don't have to spend so much time planning! It also lets me look back to see my numbers and times! I don't watch the games but I a sure it will help motivate me! Enjoy the cold front! :-)

    1. I know it! My husband only has a couple weeks left until he has to go back! (He's a teacher)
      Planning your workouts is a good idea..I try to do that a little bit but not as much as I should!