Saturday, July 6, 2013


Wow! Time has escaped from me!! 
I better catch up from the past week or so. 

I recently got my hair cut. 

I call it my mommy cut. Its fast and easy to do in the mornings.
I love it! It's mommy friendly but...

..not quite crossfit friendly.
(Pic taken post workout-yikes!)

This past Tuesday, my brother and I celebrated our 22nd birthday! Everyone always asks me if I mind sharing my birthday or how I like being a twin. I guess it's all I've know but I've always LOVED it! We have always been really close. We were one another's shadow growing up. Everyone always teased us that when we grow up we will have to buy a condos next to one another because we would never stand to be seperated. Imagine all the teasing I got when he recently moved into my upstairs! ha!

For our my birthday, my hubby took me to HuHot for lunch! YUM!! We drove an hour and a half for this food and it was worth the drive! Once we got back, my mom always makes a special birthday dinner. She made my favorite meal; homemade enchiladas! So good! And to end the day, my husband bought me Birthday Cake Ice Cream! It was quite the day of feasting! I think I may avoid the weight scale at the end of the week! yikes!

After our birthday, Independence Day showed up! I ate way too much once again. Am I the only one? I was doing pretty good for awhile. We even brought our own meat to grill at our family gathering. Our turkey burgers were delicious and I ate a plate full of fruit. Not bad, right? And then I spotted the chips. My enemy. 
Hello, my name is Whit, and I'm a chip addict. 
Why can I just not say no?!! I am terrible! It is something I really need to work on. I'm kicking myself for eating them! Ugh!

Guess I'll need to work extra hard in my workouts this week..and next week...and pry the week after that for all the junk I've eaten this week. I'm not proud of it. 

One more thing, I'm thinking about a doing a little giveaway. What would you think of that?! 
Yay or nay?
(as if anyone actually turn down free stuff)

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