Thursday, May 2, 2013

Did I drink the wrong Kool-Aid?

Maybe I drank the wrong Kool-Aid? Every time I read a blog or an article about someone starting Crossfit, or joining a Box, they always talk about how much they LOVE it and how exciting it is for them. But me, I'm over here thinking "I hate this, I hate this, I hate this" the entire time I'm working out! And it seems everyday I tell myself in a whiny voice, "I don't want to workout!". But I'm turning off that whiny voice and I refuse to listen to it. Here is why...

#1. No it's not fun! It's freaking hard work! But if I stick to it I know I will begin to like it more and more. I think I hate it so much is because it shows my weakness. I can't do one pull-up on my own right now so it's a little discouraging at times. But I know if I keep trying, someday I will be able to 5 pull-ups and maybe even 10 someday! Then I can learn to do them kipping and who knows how many I'll be able to do!!

#2. Results take time. I, like so many people who want to lose weight, want fast results! As much as I want to be fit and sexy right away, I know I need to be patient and all my hard work WILL pay off in time...Remember, slow progress... is progress!!

#3. C'mon Babe, make it hurt so good! Am I the only one who feels guilty if I'm not sore the following day after a workout? I must not have worked hard enough! This doesn't happen very often because usually I wonder if I will ever stop being sore,..but I can always tell if I didn't give it my very best at a workout by the way I feel the next day! If I'm not sore, then I didn't work hard enough and I feel guilty. I'd rather be so sore I can't hardly walk then to feel that horrible "g" word. So I try to remind myself that while I'm working out.

#4. My husband thinks I'm sexy. I wouldn't say my body is sexy (yet) but I think my husband finds it sexy I'm a "crossfitter". He's always calling me "Momma Crossfitter" with an ornery grin on his face and raises his eyebrows as if he's checking me out acting impressed by what he sees. ha! He loves the fact I'm working hard to get fit and strong! Don't get me wrong, he would love me even if I was fat, but he works out and lifts weights so I think it's exciting for him to see me getting stronger too! He is what keeps me going on days I want to give up! I don't want to disappoint him. I want him strive to impress and make him proud so he can tell his friends, "Yea, my wife does Crossfit."

The list could go on.. but excuse me, I need to go drink some more Kool-Aid.

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