Monday, May 13, 2013

Crossfit Momma's Mothers Day

Huzzah! A kettlebell for Mother's Day! When most people asked me what I got for my special day they would chuckle after I told them..well, first they had a puzzled look on their face because they had no idea what a kettlebell even was, then they giggled after I explained. They don't understand why I would want a weight. I guess only a fellow crossfitter would understand my excitement!

You wouldn't think I would be so excited about it due to my recent lack of dedication.

I fell in a rut.

Again. (sigh)

I would love to share my excuses with you. I have some pretty good ones, some are very reasonable, but in the end they are still just excuses. My health should be my priority and saying I haven't had time is lame and there is no justification for me being lazy. I'm ashamed to say it's been 7 days since I have last worked out! (gasp!!)

But I'm going to pick myself back up (again) and start anew! My kettlebell has given me a boost of excitement! Also, I am going to take a different approach this time. I am doing "30 Days for $30". I'm always wanting a new sports bra or new workout clothes so now I have an incentive to work towards. Not that being fit and healthy isn't a good enough incentive, but what girl doesn't love a new sports bra?!

The 30 for $30 works like this...Each day I workout I will reward myself with $1 and will only get $1 each day in the next 30 days. (If I skip a day, I don't earn my money and I can't make it up again after the 30 days.) I already have my WODS scheduled for each day so this shouldn't be too hard, right? Ptsh! I've seen the workouts, it's going to be butt-spankin hard! But it will be worth it-I just know it.
Here I go again. My tiger claws are coming back out and I am going to win this time! I'm not going to let this weight hold me back any longer!  I'm a crossfit momma hear me ROAR!!!

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