Monday, April 29, 2013

Sore Bum

Let me catch you up from the weekend...Remember my workout from Friday? Well, this is how I felt on Saturday:

ha! It's so true! I told my husband if I had to squat one more time he would be picking me up off the floor! And it's not like I necessarily had a "leg day" but considering I haven't done a squat in I don't know how long, my bum and legs were on fire! ha!

Here's a peek at what my workout looked like on Saturday...

Crossfit WOD #4:

Do as many rounds possible in 20 minutes (I got 5 done)

Run 200 meters
9 burpees
36 crunches
10 squat jumps

As for Sunday I used it as my "rest" day and pushed my son in his stroller and walked 3 miles.

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